Storms Pass, Sun Returns


We want it all right now. I have been victim of this so much at times. Rushing the present to get to the future. Every single one of us at a bare minimum has a sliver of darkness in our lives. We all must remember to attempt to take things they come along.
Try and have patience when things are most difficult. Patience is not about waiting for something to happen it is HOW you wait. Attempt to never make a tough decision when you are in your darkest hour, storms pass, and the sun always returns. The most important thing you can ever notice is that you cannot control the weather.



Next Step Forward

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 4.20.34 PMJust when things get hard, is just when they start to get good. Sure it’s hard to not get that job, to be told no, to get bad news, to go through transition and not know what is next. The good news is these things don’t define any of us.

Our peace is right beyond the armor we have built up from our ego. A need for acceptance can make you more invisible than you could ever imagine. Travel YOUR journey and keep moving one step at a time.

Worrying about the path to our future can paralyze us with fear, and fear can cause us to never start to do. Take your step forward get in your lane and DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Everything you could ever want is within your next decision, your next step forward. .


Cover of Foy Vance’s –  Cassanova 


I love Foy Vance’s music and even more his story. I don’t know the man at all, but I definitely think he would be a guy I would like to share a few Guinness’ with.
He’s an unbelievable songwriter in his own right. He has always stuck true to himself and the music he plays. He burst on to the mainstream through the help of Ed Sheeran. The story goes that Ed Sheeran’s dad used to take him to Foy Vance concerts when he was a kid. The songwriting style molded the way Sheeran wrote his own songs and obviously the rest is history for Ed. The coolest part? Ed Sheeran takes Foy Vance on tour and gained him the recognition that has been so longly overdue.
I challenge you to find out who your favorite artist’s listened to and I guarantee you will be in musical heaven. Foy Vance is a musicians’ musician. The guy has grinded, found a way, stood true to himself, and never gave up. BE THAT GUY.