TBT Mark Recchi


This one has been a bit over due, so #tbt and congrats the the Hall Of Famer, Mark Recchi. It was an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as you even if it was because of a trade 😉

The most prideful thing I have about being a part of this game is the people. There is a brotherhood involved that is second to none and it is boosted up by the amazing fans that support us on the ice. It doesn’t matter if we have fought each other, knocked out your buddies teeth (thanks, @cam_janssen25), been traded or barely know the guy or his family. You will always have someone to turn to and lean on. We will always be connected.

What continues to amaze me is that this sentiment doesn’t stop with the players. It continues on to the wives, girlfriends and families all around hockey. The support system we have created is something everyone involved should be proud of. I have only met Mark in passing and never played with him but, I feel connected to his journey and couldn’t be happier for him and the rest of the HOF inductees. So heres to you Recc’s, glasses raised, all the best and CONGRATULATIONS!


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