Cover of Foy Vance’s –  Cassanova 


I love Foy Vance’s music and even more his story. I don’t know the man at all, but I definitely think he would be a guy I would like to share a few Guinness’ with.
He’s an unbelievable songwriter in his own right. He has always stuck true to himself and the music he plays. He burst on to the mainstream through the help of Ed Sheeran. The story goes that Ed Sheeran’s dad used to take him to Foy Vance concerts when he was a kid. The songwriting style molded the way Sheeran wrote his own songs and obviously the rest is history for Ed. The coolest part? Ed Sheeran takes Foy Vance on tour and gained him the recognition that has been so longly overdue.
I challenge you to find out who your favorite artist’s listened to and I guarantee you will be in musical heaven. Foy Vance is a musicians’ musician. The guy has grinded, found a way, stood true to himself, and never gave up. BE THAT GUY.


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